Military Discounts: Not Just for Active Duty

Active duty service members aren’t the only ones who love a good military discount. To cater to the entire military community, brands are expanding their military discount eligibility to veterans, reservists, spouses, and dependents.

For example, The Exchange is a general store located on military installations. A Department of Defense ID card is a requirement to shop at The Exchange, which limits the shopping pool to active duty, National Guard and Reserves members and retirees, and their family members. The online option was originally open to active or reserve members only.

Earlier this year, The Exchange announced that starting on Veterans Day, they would expand their online shopping option to include veterans.

Just as The Exchange expanded their program to include veterans, private businesses may expand their military discount program by following these three guidelines:

1. Be clear about the details upfront

Ford extended their Military Appreciation Bonus Cash to include veterans, members of the delayed entry/enlistment program, and military spouses. The $1,000 bonus cash is good towards the purchase or lease of an eligible Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

Ford clearly outlines the rules for including veterans on their site, including limiting the time for this bonus to a six-week timeframe, stretching from just before Memorial Day until after July 4th. They also list on the website the types of retirement status they accept, the branches and duty status that qualify, as well as the additional programs that veterans and military families may qualify for. By putting a time constraint on veteran eligibility, Ford offers a window from which to evaluate the program.

The cash bonus program isn’t the only one the company offers. With the Military Advantage Program, Ford cultivates a relationship with those military families stationed overseas, making it easy and affordable to purchase new vehicles with exclusive rebates. By having several programs available, military families feel supported by Ford, which brings them back as repeat customers.

2. Make the process easy

No one wants to have to search for program details, particularly when they are looking to save time and money. Ensuring a military discount is up front and clear is an important. A simple and quick verification process, whether in person or online, is key to keeping the interest of the military community.

Military spouse Samantha Kauffman says the process was very easy when she and her husband purchased their new Ford at a local dealer. “We qualified for a $500 discount on our new purchase and we didn’t have to do anything special to get it,” she says.

An easy process is the surest way to get repeat customers throughout the military community. Word of mouth spreads quickly, particularly when offering a military discount, and these families are extremely loyal.

3. Offer the discount online

When stores and brands that have traditionally offered in-store discounts expand to add online discounts they see a great benefit. Military families like shopping online, particularly when stationed in remote places.

Under Armour also extends their discount to include online purchases. Applying the 10% military discount is easy with an online verification process. Veterans, as well as immediate family members of eligible service members, are able to use this discount online or in a physical store, like the one located on Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas.

Get started

After deciding on the details of your military discount, consider using influencers and bloggers to help spread the word. Military families trust each other’s opinion, and hiring a military blogger can increase popularity in the military community.

Offering a military discount is something that encourages spouses and service members to continue shopping at a particular place. Extending discounts to veterans or retirees may increase the popularity of the brand.

Why Offer a Military Discount?

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