How Military Families Do Summer Vacation [Free Resource]

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As summer creeps closer and closer, families throughout the nation are booking the airline tickets and hotels for their next adventures. Military families are no different; 60% of military families take one to two vacations per year. 

While military families try to hit the beach around the same time as their civilian counterparts, these consumers have specific considerations that impact where they decide to go and which brands they rely on to get there. 

Military Families Plan Summer Vacations Around Big Moves

Active-duty service members receive a permanent change of station (PCS) every few years. The summer is a popular time of year to move since school-aged children are on their summer vacations. Since 42.6% of service members have kids and the average military family has three children, 65% of PCS moves occur between May and Labor Day.

Since PCS season coincides with summer, military families tend to build vacations into their moving plans. While relocating from Virginia to California, a family might first spend a week in Florida visiting theme parks while their belongings are shipped cross-country. Other military families plan a weekend getaway directly before or after they relocate.  

Another reality of PCS season is that it brings military members further away from their extended family. Since they do not live close to their childhood homes or parents, 55% of military members say they try to visit family once or twice a year. The summer months are a popular time to schedule these visits, especially if families are already planning to move.

Military Consumers Rely on Discounts to Cement Plans

Discounts are a huge motivator for booking with specific airlines, hotels, and rental agencies. A whopping 90% of military families choose to stay in hotels that offer military discounts. Which brands are going the extra mile to secure business from this consumer group?

– United Airlines provides a 5% military discount through its Veterans Advantage program. It also allows uniformed service members and their families to board the plane first.

– Best Western offers a Service Rewards Program to help military consumers earn free nights and keep hotel rates below the government rate.  

– Caesar’s Entertainment offers a 10% discount on hotel rooms at any of its 33 resorts and casinos around the world. 

Military Vacation Statistics

The military community boasts $1.5 trillion in purchasing power. Fill out this form to receive a free slide deck of military vacation statistics and patterns.