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Market Your Brand Through College Clubs, Greek Life, and Campus Programs

Campus clubs are an integral part of the university experience and gather like-minded groups (read: audiences) who are eager to engage with brands. They can be a powerful recommendation network within what the National Center for Education Statistics estimates is a 20.5 million-strong U.S. student population. The North-American Intrafraternity Conference alone, a governing body for … Continued

How the Most Social-Friendly Brands Win College Students

Since 90% of consumers aged 18-29 use social media on the daily basis, brands with extensive social media strategies are uniquely positioned to nurture a thriving college student audience. But what does it mean to be truly social media-savvy, and how are brands succeeding in this space? The annual State of Social Engagement 2016, conducted … Continued

The 4 Factors That Drive Brand Loyalty with Fickle Young Consumers

Let’s be honest, millennial shoppers don’t exactly play hard to get. They are more likely to give brands access to their personal data than any other demographic, and they engage with branded content more too. So why has the 12th annual Accenture Strategy survey, “Seeing Beyond the Loyalty Illusion: It’s Time You Invest More Wisely,” … Continued

How Digital Contagion Can Spread Your Brand’s Story to College Students

Campaigns that go viral, or become contagious, across the internet can offer big wins to retailers. Understanding the forces that drive virality among 20 million college students can add as many as six figures of lifetime value, according to executives who spoke at LinkedIn’s Finance Connect conference. The trick is nurturing digital contagion among a … Continued

Marketing to College Students Via Snapchat

For many marketers, Snapchat is still the wild west of social networks. Though 77% of college students use the app at least once a day, the mobile app’s format leaves no room for the standard marketing strategies marketers usually rely on to reach that demographic. Brands can only tap Snapchat’s thriving college student audience by … Continued

What Segmentation Can Tell You About Your College-aged Customers

Big data empowers retailers to gather information about everything customers do, both online and in their stores. The challenge is breaking down that information in a way that can help brands better understand and target specific groups, such as college students. This is where segmentation comes in. Brands that segment their consumer data by income … Continued

Survey: Social Video Converts Student Followers into Customers

It’s old news that college-aged consumers watch a lot of online videos. Given that more than half of millennials follow brands on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, social video had become a key strategy for connecting with this demographic. However, social video has the potential to influence consumers beyond brand awareness. The Science of Social Video … Continued

How to Engage College Students Through Chatbots

Chatbots are a new technology brands can use to connect with the college-age consumers. They allow users to place orders, track shipments, troubleshoot customer service issues, and more by writing or speaking to their devices. But like all technology, there is a learning curve to applying chatbots to your business. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to … Continued

Why Brands Should Engage College Students Using Native Ads on Mobile

Native mobile advertising is an ideal way to get your marketing messages to college students that are shutting out everything else. It is harder than ever to get consumers ages 18 to 24 to view and interact with traditional advertising. According to Nielsen’s most recent audience report, “In the past 5 years, almost 40% of this … Continued

How Bed Bath & Beyond’s Gift Registries Entice College Students

Gift registries aren’t just for newlyweds and young parents. Retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond are seeing wide success using registries to attract college freshmen preparing for their academic careers. Bed Bath & Beyond’s college gift registries and advice for adjusting to dorm living helps the retailer “capture as much spending as possible from … Continued

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