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10 Stats That Show Why You Need to Up Your UGC Game

User-generated content isn’t just a buzzword — it’s increasingly key to engaging a younger generation in brand content and sales. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 10 stats that show why your brand needs to up its UGC game. 1. 90% of US consumers say that UGC is the biggest influence … Continued

Military Discounts Make a Difference with Back to College Shopping

Military families take moving in stride, but some will add a second move this year, sending a college student off to school. Experts predict back-to-school college spending will reach an all-time high this year, as more Gen Z students are attending college and consumer confidence is high — spending should reach $54.1 billion, according to … Continued

How AI is Changing How Marketers Reach Millennials and Gen-Zers

Are the machines coming for marketers’ jobs? Not yet, but artificial intelligence (AI) is quietly invading the marketing and advertising industry. The market for AI is estimated to reach $5.1 billion worldwide by 2020, up 54%t from last year, according to Digiday. In the marketing context, AI is a blanket term for a variety of … Continued

How to Effectively Reach Military Members Through Social Media

Military families represent a “huge, untapped market for brands,” says marketing expert Desiree Martinez, founder of All-in-One Social Media. Some 48% of the 1.9 million active duty military members and their spouses earn more than $40,000 a year, after housing and healthcare expenses, according to an All-in-One Social Media white paper. Since the military covers … Continued

5 Ways To Encourage More User-Generated Content

Consumers are more motivated to make a purchase when brands feature user-generated content, according to a new survey commissioned by TurnTo Networks and conducted by Ipsos. In fact, 65% of consumers say UGC is more interesting than content generated by the brand itself. UGC is particularly powerful when influencing Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Here … Continued

Brands Beware: How Influencers Inflate Engagement on Instagram

Marketers with an eye for ROI might want to tread carefully when working with Instagram influencers. According to Digiday, rising micro-influencers have found ways to game Instagram’s algorithm and boost their engagement stats. It’s thus becoming more difficult to tell how much engagement is genuine and how much is manufactured.  Before engaging with an Instagram … Continued

Back-to-School Promotions That Stretch Past August

The first 2017 back-to-school shopping forecast is out, and eMarketer is predicting a 4% increase in spending over last year. U.S. retail sales are expected to reach $857.18 billion during July and August in back-to-school sales. Ecommerce is expected to grow 14.8% to $74.03 billion during this time, with consumers snapping up products in these … Continued

Why College-aged Consumers Prefer User-Generated Content

Say goodbye to professional marketing photos in the studio, and hello to fans with iPhones. Today’s college-age Millennial and Gen Z consumers prefer user-generated content (UGC) that looks like they captured it themselves, research shows, and that’s changing how marketers reach them. Authenticity is Key Young consumers prefer UGC because they find it more authentic. … Continued

Friday Q&A: How a Travel Agency Markets to the Military by Hiring Veterans

At Dream Vacations, military veteran franchisees make up more than 30% of the company, an impressive statistic for a travel agency that sells everything from Shanghai vacation tours to Caribbean cruises. Dream Vacations makes it easy for veterans to begin a franchise selling vacation packages: they offer 20% discounts for vets to open a franchise, … Continued

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