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A College Cause Marketing Lesson from Pepsi’s Ad Snafu

Cause marketing aims to tie products to a cause that makes the world a better place—a strategy that fares well among certain demographics like college students, who are increasingly social issue-oriented. Some 34% of students say “supporting a social cause” motivates brand loyalty, according to a study conducted by Refuel Agency. Brands have landed big … Continued

3 Things to Know about Gen Z in the Military

(U.S Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Juan A. Soto-Delgado) Generation Z has entered the military ranks. As the newest generation to graduate high school and college and join the military, they make up 44% of the active duty population, according to the latest Demographics Report from the Department of Defense. Their spouses also qualify … Continued

5 New YouTube College Influencers Your Brand Needs To Know About

Getting the attention of a YouTube influencer can catapult your brand to stardom. Consider the success of Proactiv, whose investment in product promotion with YouTubers netted them a 72% increase in subscribers, with more than 2 million views and 13 million impressions, according to AdWeek. Defy Media reports that 62% of YouTube viewers would try … Continued

How Brands Can Team Up with Students Over Esports

Do you root for the Florida Gators or for Florida gamers? Your answer may depend on your allegiance to esports. Electronic sports, or esports, are the fast growing phenomena where professional video gamers gather to compete before an audience. These electronic competitions have exploded across college campuses, with some events literally filling stadiums—from the Staples … Continued

Brands must improve their experiences to lure Gen-Z

Brands that presume Generation-Z will be just like millennials are in for a rude awakening. Gen-Zers, born between the years 1995 and 2012, are hitting college age, and while their lives are more intertwined with technology in some ways, they’ve pulled back in others. According to research by IBM, they share fewer social media posts … Continued

Military Discounts: Not Just for Active Duty

Active duty service members aren’t the only ones who love a good military discount. To cater to the entire military community, brands are expanding their military discount eligibility to veterans, reservists, spouses, and dependents. For example, The Exchange is a general store located on military installations. A Department of Defense ID card is a requirement … Continued

Friday Q&A: The Bike Share That Conquered the College Market

During a trip to Paris in 2007, Tim Ericson happened to witness the launch of Vélib’, Paris’ city-wide bike-sharing program. He was impressed, and determined to begin a similar program back in the U.S.. He started in Philadelphia, and his company Zagster soon expanded nationwide, raising more venture capital than any other U.S. bike-share provider … Continued

The Definitive Guide to the Student Blogosphere [Free Resource]

The biggest challenge in marketing to college students is just how massive and diverse the audience is. Marketing to an engineering student in Texas is different from marketing to a business major in New Hampshire. Throw in all their extracurricular interests–music, food, finance, fashion, travel, sports–and college students are tough to pin down.  But this … Continued

What You Can Learn From Wendy’s About Listening And Responding On Social Channels

A young man named Carter Wilkerson recently asked Wendy’s, “How many retweets for a year of free nuggets?” The fast food chain’s reply? Eighteen million. Carter took that humorous challenge seriously, and his Wendy’s tweet has surpassed Ellen DeGeneres’s 2014 Oscars selfie as the most retweeted post of all time, according to New York magazine. … Continued

Friday Q&A: Ragin’ Cajun, The First Officially-Licensed College Beer

(Image source: University of Louisiana at Lafayette) One of the most innovative, forward-thinking college marketing concepts of recent years came out of the swampy southland around Lafayette, Louisiana. Two years ago, just before football season kicked off, the craft beer denizens at Bayou Teche Brewery — a small brewery founded in 2009 — inked a … Continued

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