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Hey Marketers, College Students Are Not a Monolith

From afar, college students can seem pretty similar to each other. Marketers may be tempted to see them as a monolithic group. But understanding the variations among college students, and tailoring messages to those variations, can spark more deeply engaged conversations and lead to more loyalty, conversion, and value. Here are some of the distinctions … Continued

Tap into the Hidden Market of Male Military Spouses

Male military spouses make up a small percentage of the population, just under 8%. But with organizations like Macho Spouse, designed to support male military spouses, there are several ways to market directly to these men. Focusing solely on the female military spouse has many missing out on this niche market. Who they are According … Continued

Report: The Future of Retail lies in Data and Identity

Retailers don’t need a magic ball to look into the future of their industry; the trends of today will become the reality of tomorrow. The real question is how fast brands will adopt new technologies to remain relevant as the industry transforms.  Synchrony Financial’s ‘The Future of Retail’ report takes a deep dive into how … Continued

5 Mobile Apps That Make Life Sweeter (and Cheaper) for College Students

Recently, Caroline Geardino, a student at The College of New Jersey, went to a high-end spa and snagged a facial for 50 percent off. She purchased a deal on her Groupon app, which she continually monitors and often uses to plan her social activities and purchases. So far this year, the app has helped her … Continued

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Spring in the Military Community [Infographic]

Spring has sprung. As snow finally melts, it’s time for marketers to look forward to the next three months of content. For brands targeting the military, spring is the season of military appreciation. In addition to including significant holidays like Memorial Day and Flag Day, spring is also the time of year military members start … Continued

Rock like Red Bull at student ambassador marketing

Student ambassador marketing isn’t as simple as giving a motley crew of college students branded swag and then setting them loose on campus. This marketing strategy requires the perfect storm of vision, coordination, and patience to truly succeed. Red Bull’s student ambassador program helped the company break into the college market and achieve double digit … Continued

The Who, What, and How of Hiring Campus Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to staying informed about consumer products, 48% of college students prefer to receive details by word of mouth versus internet advertising, according to a study by Student Monitor. One way retailers address this is by hiring campus brand ambassadors — college students paid to promote a specific brand to their network of … Continued

Here’s How To Hire A Military Blogger

In the summer of 2016, TravelCenters of America offered free meals to active and retired military members on July 4. It also pledged to donate $1 to the National Military Family Association for each entrée ordered from a select group of menu items at participating Country Pride and Iron Skillet restaurants. The company relied on … Continued

Kickstart Your New Marketing Campaign with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding isn’t just for startups and independent artists. Established companies are increasingly tapping crowdfunding as a way to market new products and attract consumer interest. For example, FirstBuild, a subsidiary of General Electric, first launched the Opal Nugget Ice Maker on Indiegogo, raising about $3 million. Colorox Co.’s Soy Vay brand unveiled a new venture … Continued

Let’s talk about why students are unliking your brand on Facebook

Nurturing targeted audiences such as college students on Facebook feels a lot like maintaining thousands of friendships at once. While it’s impossible to please them all, a mass exodus from their Facebook page is a sure sign that something isn’t working. Why do people suddenly unlike branded Facebook pages, and what can marketers do to … Continued

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