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Avoid These Social Media Fails On Memorial Day

Memorial Day honors and remembers those who died serving their country, but many brands on social media fall short (or worse) when it comes to acknowledging the holiday. “This is an extremely sensitive topic and, if not done properly, it can truly torpedo your marketing campaign,” says Jennifer Pilcher, the founder of MilitaryOneClick and a … Continued

How Military Families Do Summer Vacation [Free Resource]

As summer creeps closer and closer, families throughout the nation are booking the airline tickets and hotels for their next adventures. Military families are no different; 60% of military families take one to two vacations per year.  While military families try to hit the beach around the same time as their civilian counterparts, these consumers … Continued

3 Best Practices to Harness the Power of Millennial Nostalgia

For millennial consumers, nostalgia strikes a familiar chord — and that chord increases their willingness to spend, a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed by innovative businesses. Nostalgia marketing is an increasingly popular way for brands, like Coca Cola and Old Navy, to bring back sentiments of the past while connecting millennials to old and new … Continued

6 Things Marketers Should Know About Military Moves

Each year, approximately one third of the military community goes on the move.  Starting in early spring, when military families learn where they’re headed, they start planning. They look at schools, housing, and jobs. They consider how to travel to their next duty station and routes to take. They look at swinging through hometowns for … Continued

What Today’s Vets Look Like [Free Infographic]

(Image Source: DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Sara Keller, U.S. Air Force/Released) Today, there’s a strong chance many people don’t know a military veteran. In 1980, 18% of the population had served in the military. Now it’s closer to 7%, according to a Pew Research Center report. Less than half of a percent of the … Continued

What Marketers Can Learn About the Military Mind from RallyPoint

The thriving network RallyPoint has flown under the radar since it started in 2012, but it boasts a detailed undercover peek into military life. As the company’s director of accounts, Brandon Charters, a former Air Force officer, says, “We probably have the most complete organizational structure outside of the Pentagon.” RallyPoint is the first social … Continued

90,000 Views and Rising: Marketing Tips From RallyPoint

(Image Source: RallyPoint) Where can your marketing messages get as many as 90,000 views for free among an audience that’s wealthier, better educated, and more loyal than the average consumer? The answer is RallyPoint, the world’s largest military social network. We sat down with Nick Petros, RallyPoint’s vice president of marketing, and Dan Petrosssi, vice … Continued

Meet the Military Student [Free Infographic]

Brands targeting the military and college students can reach out to a consumer many marketers forget–the military student. This consumer is a veteran, active-duty service member, or military dependent using the GI Bill to fund their education. While they overlap with the military and college students, they are distinct consumer group that’s 1.8 million strong. … Continued

What’s Just-In-Time Marketing and How Does it Attract Young Shoppers?

It always pays to be at the right place and at the right time. Many brands are creating agile content that uses personal data and preferences to determine what customers might purchase and when. Known as just-in-time marketing, this strategy allows companies to create content completely aligned to their customers’ needs and interests, and reaches … Continued

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