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[Press Release] debuts unphishable FIDO U2F security keys as an extra layer of authentication for digital identity verification

MCLEAN, VA–(Marketwired – September 12, 2017) – unveils the ability to use FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) Security Keys as an extra layer of authentication for its identity proofing services. Security Keys, such as the YubiKey, are being introduced as an additional form of two-factor authentication for those seeking extra protection.’s Identity Gateway, which … Continued

Addressing the Demographic Challenges of Identity Verification [Video]

Proving who you are isn’t easy for everyone. For homeless, elderly, young, or recently migrated people, gathering the official documentation to verify their identities can be a challenge. This obstacle becomes an even bigger issue when it comes to online identity proofing, which might require access to the internet, ownership of a smartphone, or computer … Continued

Where You Live vs. What You Trust [Infographic]

Last spring, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester to learn more about consumer trust in various online security methods. The study, which surveyed 2,000 people about 16 different types of identity verification, found that the confidence and trust consumers feel towards online security methods depends on where they live. These broad trends provide a … Continued

What Online Services Do Consumers Trust Most? [Infographic]

It’s old news that the internet and the real world are becoming intertwined. From retailers and banks to social media and government agencies, every service and product imaginable is available online with a few keystrokes. But with availability comes risk; consumers know that using the wrong online service or app can get their data stolen. … Continued

The Fight Against Online Identity Fraud [Infographic]

The days of identity theft being an issue only individual consumers faced are long gone. Now large fintech, financial services, and government organizations must pursue new technology and security measures to keep their data secure in the escalating fight against online identity fraud. The ramifications of even one instance of online identity fraud can be … Continued

5 Identity Problems Blockchain Doesn’t Solve

(This post was originally published on Medium.) Blockchain enjoys a tremendous amount of hype in the market. Unfortunately, the hype around blockchain can obfuscate the actual capabilities and limitations of the new protocol. As with any new innovation, the most important question is: what problem does this innovation solve? With respect to digital identity, there … Continued

Guide to the Digital Identity Blogosphere [Resource]

Digital identity is a growing industry with a thriving network of vendors, organizations, and influencers. As government and fintech organizations explore the potential of digital identity verification, they will have to get to know the major players in the industry. That’s where we come in. To help your team learn more about today’s most talked … Continued

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