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Are Biometrics Usernames or Passwords?

The unveiling of the iPhone X and Face ID in 2017 didn’t just generate buzz among tech nerds–it also created a demand for biometrics among a mainstream consumer audience. Face ID will change behavior. We know this because we’ve seen this story before. When Apple rolled out Touch ID in 2013, Kevin Roose wrote in … Continued

5 Digital Identity Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Serious change awaits the digital identity market in 2018. The magnitude of the Equifax data breach served as a wake-up call to consumers, the media, and policy makers that the status quo for digital identity is inadequate. Simultaneously, innovations in biometrics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence introduce new ways of proving who we are while … Continued

What Online Services Do Consumers Trust Most? [Infographic]

It’s old news that the internet and the real world are becoming intertwined. From retailers and banks to social media and government agencies, every service and product imaginable is available online with a few keystrokes. But with availability comes risk; consumers know that using the wrong online service or app can get their data stolen. … Continued

The Fight Against Online Identity Fraud [Infographic]

The days of identity theft being an issue only individual consumers faced are long gone. Now large fintech, financial services, and government organizations must pursue new technology and security measures to keep their data secure in the escalating fight against online identity fraud. The ramifications of even one instance of online identity fraud can be … Continued

5 Identity Problems Blockchain Doesn’t Solve

(This post was originally published on Medium.) Blockchain enjoys a tremendous amount of hype in the market. Unfortunately, the hype around blockchain can obfuscate the actual capabilities and limitations of the new protocol. As with any new innovation, the most important question is: what problem does this innovation solve? With respect to digital identity, there … Continued

Guide to the Digital Identity Blogosphere [Resource]

Digital identity is a growing industry with a thriving network of vendors, organizations, and influencers. As government and fintech organizations explore the potential of digital identity verification, they will have to get to know the major players in the industry. That’s where we come in. To help your team learn more about today’s most talked … Continued

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