Addressing the Demographic Challenges of Identity Verification [Video]

Proving who you are isn’t easy for everyone. For homeless, elderly, young, or recently migrated people, gathering the official documentation to verify their identities can be a challenge. This obstacle becomes an even bigger issue when it comes to online identity proofing, which might require access to the internet, ownership of a smartphone, or computer literacy.

How can digital identity providers better reach these populations? Why is it so important to protect these hard-to-reach digital identities?’s Director, Federal Government Tracy Hulver discussed this issue on a panel at the 2017 K(NO)W Identity Conference, moderated by CEO Blake Hall. 

Hulver said that of all identities stolen in 2017, 49% were used for government document or benefit fraud. “When you think of someone stealing your identity, you think ‘Well, they’re going to try to get my credit card or they’re trying to get to my bank,'” Hulver said. “Which is true, but the first place they go is to try to do some type of fraud against the government.”

Watch the entire panel in the video below to learn more about why addressing the demographic challenges if identity verification is vital to government and the larger identity industry.