What Online Services Do Consumers Trust Most? [Infographic]

It’s old news that the internet and the real world are becoming intertwined. From retailers and banks to social media and government agencies, every service and product imaginable is available online with a few keystrokes. But with availability comes risk; consumers know that using the wrong online service or app can get their data stolen. Earning consumer trust is thus essential for standing out in the digital marketplace. 

When it comes to trust, some types of online services have further to go than others. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of surveyed 2,016 online U.S. consumers across five age groups. The study found that 67% of consumers across all age groups felt ‘completely confident’ that retailers could protect their data. Social media brands, on the other hand, face a more uphill battle. Only 15% of surveyed consumers felt ‘completely confident’ in the security of their favorite social media channels.

We took the data from Forrester’s report and compiled it in a skimmable infographic, “What Online Services Do Consumers Trust Most?”

Find out how much consumers trust the following industries in the full infographic:

  • Retailers and manufacturers
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Financial Services
  • Public Services

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Do Consumers Trust Your Brand?

Find out which types of online services consumers trust in this free infographic.