The Fight Against Online Identity Fraud [Free Infographic]

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The days of identity theft being an issue only individual consumers faced are long gone. Now large fintech, financial services, and government organizations must pursue new technology and security measures to keep their data secure in the escalating fight against online identity fraud.

The ramifications of even one instance of online identity fraud can be far-reaching and expensive. According to a study commissioned by Forrester on behalf of, the costs of identity fraud to U.S. business is estimated to exceed $50 billion a year. ID fraud can also cause a firestorm of bad publicity, weakening consumer trust and creating a negative narrative surrounding an organization. 

To protect themselves from this growing threat, firms must first understand what they are up against–and what they’ve got to lose. 

In this free Forrester infographic, you’ll receive a breakdown of:

– The financial cost of ID fraud

– The implicit costs of ID fraud

– The growth of ID fraud

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Bridging the Gap Between Customer Experience and Fraud Prevention

Learn how to protect your firm from online identity fraud in this commissioned report from Forrester.