Study: Online Identity Fraud Costs Businesses and Fintech Organizations Billions a Year

Federally accredited digital identity provider today is releasing the results of an in-depth study investigating the impact of identity fraud online.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of reported that identity fraud victims increased to $15.4 million in 2016, up from $11.6 million in 2011 with losses estimated at $16 billion last year*. As the potential costs of identity theft and fraud skyrocket, 90% of surveyed consumers feel concerned about the safety of their personal identifying information (PII). More than half of consumers say they don’t feel in full control of their personal data.

The study also reported that data breaches rattle the confidence and drain the budgets of large organizations, costing U.S. businesses an estimated $50 billion a year, according to CSID.

“The results of this study underscore why federated identity verification (IDV) is so vital to businesses and government agencies,” said Blake Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of “Identity fraud not only costs consumers and businesses money, but also erodes consumer confidence in the institutions that serve them. When consumers can’t open a bank account or access government services online without feeling anxiety, we’ve got a problem.”

Federated IDV is an attractive anti-fraud measure to both consumers and businesses. In addition to restoring a sense of control and confidence in their data, 41% of fintech decision makers say a certified single sign-on would provide a better customer experience. Eighty-eight percent of organizations also say they plan to adopt federated IDV with SSO over the next three years.

Download the full study, Bridging The Gap Between Customer Experience And Fraud Prevention, to learn more about the far-reaching impacts of identity fraud and federated IDV.