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[Free Resource] Guide to the Digital Identity Blogosphere

Digital identity is a growing industry with a thriving network of vendors, organizations, and influencers. As government and fintech organizations explore the potential of digital identity verification, they will have to get to know the major players in the industry. That’s where we come in. To help your team learn more about today’s most talked … Continued

[Press Release] Wins Trailblazer Award at 1st Annual K(NO)W Nodes Awards Show honored for its ground-breaking federated digital identity verification solutions at the K(NO)W Identity Conference. The first annual K(NO)W Nodes 2017 Awards Show honored with the Trailblazer award on May 16th at the K(NO)W Identity Conference. The Trailblazer award celebrates the organization that has implemented the most “unique and unconventional” solution to an existing … Continued

What a Fried Onion Reveals About Digital Identity and Protecting PII [Video]

What does blood type have to do with getting a free Bloomin’ Onion? The answer lies in digital identity, according to panelists at the SXSW 2017 session “How Digital Identity is Enabling Access to the VA.” One of the challenges of identity verification is protecting sensitive information irrelevant to the offer or service being accessed. In … Continued

Behavioral biometrics – the way of the future?

Logging into mobile devices with fingerprints has become ubiquitous in the mobile market. Biometric authentication has also been used for physical access and stove-piped applications for many years. From spoof-resistant high resolution fingerprint sensors, to behavioral biometrics that can seamlessly tell fraudsters from customers without impacting customer experience. Find out how new technologies are revolutionizing identity authentication in this episode … Continued

What A “Cyber Pearl Harbor” Means For Commerce [Video]

As new technologies shift commerce and payments online and cyberthreats become more advanced, how will companies keep customer information safe and prevent fraud? Blake Hall, CEO and founder of, sat down with Admiral James Stavridis and other leaders in the payments industry to discuss this question at the Innovation Project 2017. Titled “What A … Continued

Study: 41% of Mobile Apps are Vulnerable to Outside Attack

Have you ever second guessed yourself on just how safe your personal data is, especially after giving permission to apps to collect data on you mobile device? According to a recent study, you might be right to feel wary.  Three University of Hong Kong researchers discovered that out of the 600 top U.S and Chinese … Continued

Could this Tech Journalist’s “Epic Hacking” Take Place Today?

The rise of online identity theft highlights the importance of multi-factor authentication for digital identities. Thanks to social media and e-commerce, nearly everyone has a large online footprint hackers can exploit to carry out online attacks. Unfortunately, tech journalist Mat Honan found that out the hard way in 2012. In the timespan of one hour, … Continued

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